Investment Management

“You can do anything, but not everything”.  David Allen


Wealth By Design is an independent, boutique financial services firm.  We uphold the fiduciary standard that your interests come first.  As the investment world continues to grow in complexity, we have embraced the need to delegate.  We bring a team of industry experts to the table to serve you and your investment needs.  Currently, we have chosen to partner with, SEI an industry leader in wealth management for the majority of our client’s portfolios. SEI offers a wide range of customizable investment strategies that are based on your specific needs.  With this partnership, we are able to tap into global resources and expertise to walk alongside you. We work together to strategically enhance returns, minimize volatility and manage investment risk. You will have over 30 years of manager selection and portfolio construction experience. As you look at your life goals, SEI strategies provides professional, customized strategies for you. You can also visit their Investor Resource Center to learn more

What this means to you is that you is that we will walk alongside you in making investment decisions that are aligned with what is important to you. This will include risk tolerance and time frame parameters.  It may entail delving into tax strategies for you to keep more of what you make. It could involve cash flow planning. Are there investments you would like to avoid as a matter of principal?  We have a social screening process that may appeal to you. We have a Donor Advised Fund that can assist you with your charitable intentions.

The fees for our advice based services are explained here..