Journey of Financial Health™

Embark on your personal “Journey of Financial Health™.” This year long adventure starts with EXPLORATION. We will get acquainted, learn about your needs, aspirations and concerns. We will share our process and determine a direction for our time together.

We will then ENGAGE you in your journey. We will get to know your unique frame of reference. We will walk alongside you as you reflect on and clarify your life values, as you define your “true wealth” and look at who is affected by your financial decisions.

You will ENVISION your ideal life, refining and prioritizing your personal and financial objectives. We gather information about your financial resources and unpack the options and opportunities to use them creatively and resourcefully.

You will be ENLIGHTENED as we work together- providing insights and education for you to create the financial framework that will align with your values.

You will be EMPOWERED as we craft a personalized program over the year to keep your financial trajectory heading in a direction that increases your level of fiscal satisfaction.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner and Financial Life Coach, Danielle brings over 22 years of personal experience, as well as strategic partners and professional teams to the table for your benefit.  What this means to you is that you have  access to a rich source of knowledge for answering life impacting questions.  You benefit by having an ally in making informed decisions as you navigate and make constant course corrections on your financial journey.

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Keep it in front of you!

As you define and refine what financial health in retirement means to you, we want to support you in a simple, yet tangible way.  Here is a place to start.  Download and print out your “Financial Affirmations” below.

Every day, you can be more intentional and mindful about how money flows through your life!  Post it in a prominent place and let us know when you are ready to start you Journey of Financial Health™

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