Social Security Maximization


How and when you should begin taking Social Security is one of the many important decisions you make concerning retirement.  Based on your contribution record, your marital status, dependent status, and age – there are over 500 different ways you can take it.  Do the Windfall Elimination Provision or Government Pension Offset rules apply to you?  Once you start, you only have a short window to make a change before it is set in stone for as long as you live.  The Social Security Administration will answer questions, and implement decisions, but not give advice.  Wise counsel on how to maximize your lifetime benefits is paramount.  It can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

Understanding what the cost for your future health care will be can be complex.  What is covered by Medicare, what is not?  What out of pocket health care expenses can you expect to incur under the Medicare system?  What is the cost for living in a nursing home?  Our Advisory Services Guide outlines how we can work with you on this analysis.